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The Croatian Yearbook of European Law and Policy is a result of the extended engagement of Croatian and international scholars in a joint effort to advance graduate and postgraduate education and law research in the field of European Law, to develop European and regional academic networking, to create professional opportunities for law academics, and to promote academic reflection on European Law and European values.

The Yearbook will rely on a wide spectrum of academic activities. It is intended to be an academic forum of emerging European scholarship in the region and to create free academic exchange among scholars from the current Member States and the member states to be.

The specific angle of the Yearbook aims to be critical, realistic, multidisciplinary and regional. The editors recognise that significant answers to legal questions can be found only in a wider political, economic and social context. It is our intention to move away from the textual-formalist reading of law rooted in post-communist legal systems and beyond. It is also our intention to emphasise the policy contents of legal rules and the social function that law performs in democratic pluralistic societies.

The editors welcome contributions on a wide range of European topics. Those with a specific regional perspective on the law and policy of the European Union, its Member States and future member states will be particularly appreciated.



Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb

Editorial Board

Steven Blockmans - Centre for European Policy Studies; Monica Claes - Maastricht University; Marise Cremona - European University Institute; Tamara Ćapeta - Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb; Iris Goldner Lang - Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb; Daniel Halberstam - University of Michigan Law School; Robert Howse - New York University; Adam Lazowski - University of Westminster; Zdenek Kühn - Charles University Prague; Giorgio Monti - European University Institute; Peter Ørebech - University of Tromsø; Tamara Perišin - Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb; Siniša Rodin - Court of Justice of the European Union and Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb; Jo Shaw - School of Law, University of Edinburgh; Branko Smerdel - Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb; Sigmar Stadlmeier - Johannes Kepler University of Linz; Bruno De Witte - Maastrich University; Derrick Wyatt - St. Edmund Hall, University of Oxford


Tamara Perišin - Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb
Iris Goldner Lang - Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb

Executive Editor

Melita Carević - Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb

Library and Database Coordinator

Aleksandra Čar

Language Revisers and Copy Editors

Mark Davies
Stephen Hindlaugh

Cover Design

Milan Trenc

Editorial Board Student Assistants

Tena Maček, Lana Mrša, Mia Petričušić

Editorial Board Address

Katedra za europsko javno pravo, Pravni fakultet, Ćirilometodska 4,
10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Web: and
Fax: +385(0)1/4895-702

Printed by

Tiskara Zelina d.d.
Printed in 300 copies

Submission of Manuscripts

CYELP publishes articles, notes, reports, comments and book reviews.
All manuscripts should be submitted online at (through the ‘Open Journal Systems’ software). Authors should follow the submission instructions provided on the specifi ed website. These instructions relate particularly to the submission’s prior publication, layout, citation system,
and methods of ensuring the anonymity of the review process.
All contributions are subject to a review procedure. According to the
Croatian Classification System, contributions published as ‘articles’ are designated as ‘izvorni znanstveni rad’, and those published as ‘comments’, ‘reports’ and ‘notes’ are evaluated as ‘pregledni znanstveni rad’.

Subscription Information
Volume price: EUR 50 for Europe, EUR 60 for other countries.
Student price: EUR 25.
Subscription orders should be sent to the Editorial Board:
Katedra za europsko javno pravo
Pravni fakultet
Ćirilometodska 4
10000 Zagreb
Fax: +385(0)1/4895-702


CYELP is available in electronic format through:
• HeinOnline - Foreign & International Law Resources Database
• Hrčak
• The Judicial View

CYELP is indexed in:
• Scopus
• PAIS International
• International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS)
• European Sources Online (ESO)
• GESIS SocioGuide
• Hrčak

CYELP is financially supported by

- The Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia

- Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb

- Education and Culture DG, Life Learning Programme



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