Call for Papers – CYELP Vol. 18 (2022)


Deadline for submission of manuscripts that will be taken into consideration for publication in CYELP Vol. 18 (2022) is 30 June 2022.

The editors welcome contributions on a wide range of European topics.

CYELP publishes articles, notes, reports, comments and book reviews. All manuscripts should be submitted online at (through the ‘Open Journal Systems’ software). Authors should follow the submission instructions provided on the specified website. These instructions relate particularly to the submission’s prior publication, layout, citation system, and methods of ensuring the anonymity of the review process.

In accordance with ‘Online First’ publication policy, submissions to CYELP can be made throughout the entire year. All contributions accepted for publication, edited and proofread but not yet assigned to the upcoming volume of CYELP will first be published online and ahead of print. Once a manuscript is assigned to a specific volume, its final version will replace ‘Online First’ version.